Inviting Someone to Google Analytics

1st Mar 2018

With any new website build or digital marketing/seo campaign you need to understand what your baseline is and what impact the new work has. That’s where some form of analytics package comes in, and there’s no analytics package more ubiquitous than Google Analytics (GA).

If you’re already using Google Analytics, then for a digital agency (like us) to gain access to your account and setup/monitor your traffic, we need to be invited by you.

Don’t worry, lots of people struggle with Google Analytics

However, most clients find this a bit of struggle as it’s not as straightforward as it probably could be. So here’s a quick rundown on how to invite us (or any agency, or colleague) to your Analytics account.

Step 1 - Login to your Account

Go to the Google Web Analytics page and login to your Google Account. Once logged in you’ll be presented with something like this - your revenue for the last 7 days might be slightly different 😉

Google Analytics Dashboard Home

Step 2 - Go to the Settings Screen

You should now see a little cog icon in the bottom left menu like the image below. Just click on this to open the admin screen.

Google Analytics Settings Cog

Step 3 - Select a Property, then User Management

And this is what you see. Ensure that the Account selected is the one for your website (if you have more than one). Then click on the User Management item under the first column.

Google Analytics User Management

Step 4 - Open Add New Users Screen

Once presented with the Account Users screen you’ll see a list of current users that have access to your Google Analytics account. You now just need to hit the Plus (+) icon on the top right menu bar…

Google Analytics Users

Then select Add new users from the popup…

Google Analytics Adding a User

Step 5 - Invite the user

Once the Add Permissions screen comes up you just need to enter the email address of the user you wish to invite (if it’s a colleague, they need to have a Google Account under this email address).

Ensure the Notify new users by email is ticked - that’s so they receive an email letting them know.

And select the permissions you wish to give. If you hit the Edit checkbox the other two should automatically enable and if we’re being given access to your account, that’s all we need.

Now, don’t forget to hit the blue Add button in the top right hand corner.

Google Analytics User Permissions

Step 6 - Done!

You’re all set. This gives us access to your Google Analytics account and we can start helping you with your project.

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