Are you mobile friendly?

29th Jul 2015

Back in April Google announced that mobile-friendliness would become a more and more important factor in ranking sites in its search. Not long afterwards – we’re talking a few days later – lots of webmasters who were registered with the Google Webmaster Tools were inundated with “Fix mobile issues found on …” and a flurry of questions on how to fix the ‘errors’ ensued.

The net result has been a sizeable drop in rankings for sites that aren’t mobile friendly, both large and small. As most searches are now carried out on a mobile device – yes, it’s changed that much, that quickly – it’s even more important that a website is optimised for mobile, not just for search engines but for your users as well.

Based on testing more recently, the affects of ranking in mobile search could be having an impact, albeit minor, on desktop search too, and will undoubtedly have an effect on the visibility of your site in the search results. So, if your potential users on mobile aren’t able to find your site, they’re not going to be visiting or sharing it on social media either.

Find out how mobile friendly you are

If you’re curious about whether your website is mobile friendly, in Google’s eyes at least, you can put the address into Google’s Mobile Friendly Test tool. This will give you a quick appraisal of the page, but it only does the check one page at a time.

If your website isn’t responsive, or even mobile friendly, get in touch, we’re happy to take a look and make some recommendations to ensure your site doesn’t disappear down Google’s mobile search black hole.

And if you’re not sure what having a responsive site means or entails, we can go explain it all, including any implications it could have on your current website or content management system.