Case Studies

A selection of our recent digital work showcasing
some of our products and services.

Belvoir Rug Company

The Belvoir Rug Company, based in the Vale of Belvoir in the East Midlands, is an online store providing dog and horse covers for those that like to give their best friends a bit of a functional fashion statement.

At Distortion, we were tasked with improving their existing e-commerce website provision from a number of different angles. Brand, design, user-experience and search-engine friendliness.

By enhancing their brand proposition, tweaking their brand identity, and taking this further with a complete website re-design, we managed to package this together to ensure it delivers standout from their competitors and highlights the key benefits that Belvoir Rug Company offers over them to their customers.

The website itself was built from the ground up, both on the front-end and back-end, ensuring it was clean, speedy, responsive and had only what it needed to deliver the customer journey we wanted to provide. We also added some technical improvements from a hosting and security point of view to top off a complete e-commerce package.

We’re continuing to work with Belvoir Rug Company to drive traffic, sales and conversions with a number of different strategies to ensure the work put in in the initial phase continues to grow their business.

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Newcastle University

HTML Email Newsletter Build

Newcastle University, based in the North of England is a red brick university with one of the largest EU research portfolios in the UK.

Working with one of our partners, we were asked to build a re-usable HTML email newsletter template that allowed the student recruitment team to send out newsletters to recruit students and provide general information on what’s happening on campus.

We took the original design elements and built a bespoke newsletter template using HTML and CSS and incorporated some additional tags for merging with their database. We also added a number of key content blocks, allowing the client to chop and change the order and layout of the template easily for future sends.

The end result was all wrapped up in an easy to use package which was simply slotted into their existing email distribution software, so they could get on with student recruitment and information dissemination. The feedback has been great and the initial results show a big improvement on their numbers.

Global Care

E-commerce Website with Direct Debit Payments & Bespoke CMS

Global Care is an international Christian children’s charity which has been providing pioneering support of the most vulnerable children across Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and Central America.

When Global Care first employed Distortion our first task was to look at making their website work more effectively and support and improve their efforts in communicating with both existing and new donors.

Following our initial meetings we recommended a set of technologies and capabilities to ensure future scalability and maintainability of the website to create a platform for the future, allowing integration with their CRM and donor management system.

Part of the strategy was also to improve content editing capabilities to speed up communications using a bespoke CMS and to transform their existing donation system from a simple Paypal donation model into taking direct debit payments online. We also vastly improved the web design and usability to appeal to a younger audience without challenging their current demographic. The result was improved donation flows and faster form-filling, reducing time to donate.

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Body Transformation

Fitness iPhone App & Bespoke CMS

Body Transformation is a Birmingham-based company providing a cutting-edge fitness and weight loss plan.

Fitness gurus Stuart and Chris wanted to provide an app to give their clients allowing them to track their diet, weight and fitness activity.

Our first meetings involved us getting their initial ideas and us shaping their core idea into a system that would work for their needs based on the budget and initial requirements to ultimately gain more funding for a second phase. After the full specification document was created we set about creating the iPhone app and bespoke CMS.

The final version of the app allows clients to log their data which is then stored centrally and socially share their progress. Stuart and Chris can view their stats, food diary and progress reports, allowing them to spot bad habits, suggest improvements to their fitness plan, or just generally give much-needed encouragement!

There is also a social side to the app which shares updates to a limited set of friends who can give encouragement or training suggestions too.

The end result is a slick end-to-end fitness system benefitting Body Transformation’s clients and is now core to their business.

Birmingham Mail Article – Stuart and Chris showing off the app in Birmingham


Custom WordPress Blog Theme, Installation, Setup and SEO

Loopsan is a blogging crochet designer who has created some unique and inspiring designs and been published in a number of leading crochet publications.

Loopsan came to Distortion with no blogging experience and very little web authorship knowledge but with the need to put her work out there for people to enjoy.

We sat down and worked out what sort of design concept she wanted, how it should look, colours and site structure. Once we’d decided on how it should work, we suggested that the best way to get her creations online was to create a self-hosted WordPress site with a custom WordPress theme.

We set about designing the mockups, which she loved, and once they were approved (pretty quickly!) we went straight into building the theme and setting up the WordPress installation. Following a few minor tweaks to some design elements Loopsan was up and running with a private version of her blog so she could post articles and designs ready for launch.

Since launch her blog has been featured in hundreds of online forums, blogs and publications, attracting large numbers of visitors mainly from the UK and US. We’ve helped Loopsan out to cope with the increase in traffic by scaling her hosting slightly and a small bit of SEO but the site is still largely the same as we’d proposed.

Now Loopsan is completely self-sufficient, requiring very little of our input other than a small monthly retainer to keep things ticking along nicely and doing the odd technical update here and there.

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International Convention Centre

Front-end Responsive Website Development

Birmingham’s International Convention Centre is a world-class venue which plays host to over 350 events and more than 300,000 delegates every year.

NEC Group required a combined website build to freshen the ICC’s existing website while also incorporating their new conference centre – The Vox – into the same build process to be both time and cost effective.

Working with NEC Group’s excellent internal digital team we helped take their in-house design team’s set of client-approved design templates/wireframes and produced a set of working responsive HTML/CSS templates which could be integrated into an Umbraco CMS system by the backend developers. This required us to seamlessly integrate into their design and development teams for the short space of time and turnaround both websites in a very short timeframe.

If you require a small design, development or app team to seamlessly integrate into your company or agency’s workflow, get in touch and see if we can help.

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Bosch Car Service

Event Management System

Bosch Car Service is a national network of independent garages across the UK providing Bosch trained technicians using the latest diagnostic equipment and manufacturer approved parts.

To keep the high level of quality that Bosch Car Service provide to their independent garages, they regularly run conferences that keep their network of garages up to date with the latest developments, provide training seminars and of course some evening entertainment after an engaging day.

We worked with one of our partners to provide Bosch with a bespoke version of our Event Delegate event management system, tailored to the needs of a nationwide conference and all the requirements that entails.

The system was able to take the initial database of dealers and distribute branded invitation emails and reminders to build up a list of delegates, keeping track of the status of each dealer, its invitees and the requirements of each delegate via an easy to use registration website.

Throughout the process the system kept track of the status and sent out reminders or attendance details at the required stage. At each of those stages our partner and the client could view, download and interrogate the data to organise event elements such as seating plans, seminar/partner/social attendances, dietary requirements and feedback sessions. They were also able to access and search the data on delegates, seminars, and crucially, dietary requirements while at the event via an iPad app.

All of this was achieved with minimum management effort from the client’s perspective so that the conference was as smooth as possible from both the client and the attendee perspective, resulting in a very successful event.