A Digital Agency that’s small, but mighty

Distortion is a small, but perfectly formed, digital agency based in both the rural idyll of Melton Mowbray and the bustling centre of Birmingham – centrally located in the Midlands for helping clients across the whole of the UK and internationally.

It’s not just websites and apps

Our specialism is creative design, in-depth technical expertise and strategy for websites and mobile apps, pooling the knowledge of building digital solutions and helping clients as Distortion for over 16 years,

But our digital work isn’t limited to those key specialisms. We’re able to provide a complete marketing and technical solution for all types of businesses and organisations, from branding to complex systems integrations.

Understanding our clients’ needs

We work in partnership with our clients – some of the biggest brands, and smallest, organisations in the UK, from central government to one-person startups and entrepreneurs with no track record. The theme that binds them all is that we provide real value for money as an external supplier. Taking our knowledge and experience to help grow their business or solve a key issue they have. And it’s almost always something that can’t be replicated in-house.

Proven expertise

As proof we’re good at what we do, we also support other marketing agencies under a white label service to provide our specialised knowledge and expertise under their banner. We’ve worked with many household names in a variety of media, including national TV campaigns, online digital marketing and advertising for FMCG brands, as well as multi-million pound government contracts. Most of which we’re not able to highlight due to contractual obligations, but you will certainly have seen our work.

The Agile Sweet Spot

Because we’re small, we’re agile, can take the time to understand your business and customers and able to focus on the important details. While all the time keeping our eye on the bigger picture, which is your success and growth.

At Distortion, we’re here to help improve your digital output and generate a greater return on your investment. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a startup, a successful small business, a multi-national or an advertising/marketing/pr agency, we never sell you a dream we can’t deliver.

We like to grow relationships with our clients and we’d like you to be one of them. Hope that makes it clearer, we’re Distortion.